which of the following is not true

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CTET Paper 1 - 16th Dec 2021 (Eng/Hin/Sans/Ben/Mar/Tel)

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  1. A good text for language class is culturally overloaded.
  2. A good textual nội dung should have an appropriate vocabulary.
  3. A good text for language class has relevance and interest for learners.
  4. A good text is that which has the right length.

Answer (Detailed Solution Below)

Option 1 : A good text for language class is culturally overloaded.


CT 1: Growth and Development - 1

10 Questions

10 Marks

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10 Mins

Learning cannot take place in a vacuum. We need to tướng direct our learners to tướng specific learning goals and see whether these goals are achieved or not.

Key Points Characteristics of a good text for a language class:-

  • A good text must have an appropriate vocabulary.
  • It has relevance and interest for learners so sánh that they enjoy learning the text.
  • It should have the right length and does not look lengthy and easy to tướng read.
  • Use of suitable language must be present in the text.

Hence, it is concluded that A good text for language class is culturally overloaded is not true.

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